The Logikia solution

Electronic Content Management - ECM / EDM

Eliminate heavy and space-consuming binders

Companies have been dealing with document management issues since paper was existed.

Logikia solution is means of eliminating the paper based issues such as lost and misfiled documents, files in multiple places difficult and time consuming costly manual processes to access needed information. However, the technology is available, the switch from paper to digital is still daunting because of the time and cost to convert the paper to digital.

Logikia Solution also solves this problem with its automated data capture capabilities to provide a centralized archive to provide visibility via controlled access.

Centralized Archive

The logikia secure cloud-based provides document maintenance and access for these types of documents and more:

  1. Human Resources
  2. Accounts payable / supplier invoices
  3. Purchase Order.
  4. Customer Service
  5. Claims, Deductions and Charge-backs
  6. Merchandise Documents
  7. Contracts and Other Legal Documents
  8. Inter-departmental Communication
  9. Etc.

All documents are accessible remotely and easy to find whenever needed.  Logikia Solution allows you to link related documents to streamline searches and provide the instant access to a related document.  It allows a user to have the ability to add additional documents directly in the archive.

Electronic Content Management - ECM / EDM

The Logikia electronic management system is intuitive and easy to use, so customers can begin controlled sharing of documents in minutes.


Eliminate heavy and space-consuming binders. Our cloud-based portal allows you to store and classify all files processed by Numeria, while also allowing quick and safe access to your files for your resources.


  • Optimize your resource’s time, minimize costs, and ensure a better visibility for your files.
  • Control access to your files with our security options.
  • Reclaim the physical space occupied by your archives or binders.
  • Benefit from a quick return on investment due to the reduction of working hours dedicated to searching for files.
  • Upgrade your workflow and take advantage of a more efficient file organization.



Logikia solution is a single, cloud-based and mobile-friendly platform that easily integrates with existing ERP systems.


Since Logikia solution is a cloud-based platform it’s scalable and grows when you do.


Logikia solution uses state-of-the-art technology to protect customer data.

Logikia is a key solution for connecting, integrating and automating your data management process.

Logikia is your solution for information processing.