• 21 June 2018

Logikia AP automation solution

Logikia AP automation solution

AP automation process:

AP automation as it relates to invoice processing essentially means deploying a set of interrelated tools that work together to reorganise invoice processing.

It typically includes the following:

In other cases there may be inventory management components integrated into the process as well, though this is typically more nuanced in certain vertical markets.

Logikia AP automation solution

Logikia can remove the manual effort and complexity that’s required manual and paper in all invoicing processing, the approvals workflow, and payment process of account payable department in your organisation or company. Logikia on-boards suppliers and collects and processes their invoices. AP automation logikia solution then takes care of securing invoice and payment approvals, makes sure funds are available. Manual and paper processes can severely slow down the payment cycle

Whether you are a small business or a large public enterprise, automating your accounts payable process with our solution could eliminate costly, time-consuming manual tasks and improves visibility throughout your activity.

Logikia AP automation solution benefits:

Logikia AP automation solution are designed to fit any business. Our solutions allows you to:

  1. Simplify operations;
  2. Go from hands-on to touch less: Allowing you to focus on exceptions only.
  3. Reduce transactional costs and eliminate routine tasks;
  4. And Minimize wasted time.

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