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Contracts / Legal documents Automation

Contract / Legal Document

Did you know that ineffective contract management costs the average company 9.2% of annual revenues?

Contracts have a huge impact on the profitability of an organization because they affect income and expenses. There is a wide range of tasks associated with each stage of the contract lifecycle. Automating the contract management process is essential for organizations that focus on increasing efficiency and reducing risk.

Most professional enjoy spending their time on exciting tasks – not on repetitive manual routine drafting.


Central repository and control of corporate assets

Automated workflows for contract review and task management

Digital signatures

Reduce risk with automated alerts

Case Management

Organizations that use Contract Automation improve contract renewal rates by 25%, increase revenue by 1% to 2%, and cut contract cycle time by half

Even if you have template, you still need to customise them case by case, by hand. Your appreciated time is wasted on reinventing the wheel. However you touch contracts, there are ways to make them more productive and fortunately, there is.

Logikia Solution is an easy-to-use, cloud based service, and it aims at changing the nature of contract and legal document to contract management process.
Instead of spending hours typing away and achieving manually your documents, we can create fully customized, compliant legal documents in a matter of minutes. All based on your own policies and best practices.


The challenge

Optimize human capital
A uniform document environment

The problem

High customization
Number of documents
Various systems


Automated processes
One central platform
Multilingual features

Logikia is a key solution for connecting, integrating and automating your data management process.

Logikia is your solution for information processing.