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Purchase Order Automation

Purchase Orders

All documents to be sent to Numeria, including handwritten documents, go through the data extraction step. Numeria, using its powerful character recognition tools (Optical Character Recognition or more commonly known as OCR) will extract the previously targeted data from the document.

It is at this stage that the power of Numeria is at its peak. Nimeria is able to work with many document formats (PDF, Excel, Word, TIF, JPG, XML and others files)

LOGIKIA can help you minimize processing times and dedicate resources to other value-added activities. With LOGIKIA, purchase order processing is fully scanned, allowing you to completely eliminate the stream of simplified documents from data entry. LOGIKIA’s solution is the ideal way for all organizations struggling with purchase orders to improve their productivity, keep costs under control and improve overall competitiveness.


Faster, more reliable supply chain

Reducing the time between receipt of the purchase account and incorporation into your logistics system will allow your teams to access your customer’s information more quickly, so that delivery and billing can be done as quickly as possible Time.


Reduced operating costs

Entering purchase order data into your logistics application is of better quality and more accessible, allowing you to dramatically reduce processing costs and maximize overall efficiency. Scanned documents also reduce paper volumes and the associated handling, shipping and storage costs.

Enhanced customer service

With automated purchase order entry, the customer receives acknowledgment of receipt and confirmation of orders earlier. The solution also improve responsiveness because queries on their orders can be answered faster because the information is just a few clicks away.


Process ready for verification and secure

Get a seamless audit trail and retrieve information in seconds with fully managed, traceable and controllable capture processes, fewer manual entry errors or lost documents, and minimized privacy risks traditionally Handling of paper.

Improved staff productivity

Your staff is freed from tedious and repetitive tasks such as entering or checking purchase orders one by one. They can focus on higher-value tasks that add less time to finding information, correcting errors, processing customer requests or complaints about their orders.

Importantly, documents do not always have the same format or layout in order to be processed by our system.


The challenge

Optimize human capital
A uniform document environment

The problem

High customization
Number of documents
Various systems

The Solution

Automated processes
One central platform
Multilingual features

Logikia is a key solution for connecting, integrating and automating your data management process.

Logikia is your solution for information processing.

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