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Account Payable Automation

Accounts Payable automation Process

The accounts payable automation process is very important since it includes nearly all of a company’s payments outside of payroll. Without automating and adding software integrated to the existing ERP (Oracle, SAP,etc.), the accounts payable process might be carried out by an accounts payable department in a large corporation, by a small team in a large and medium-sized company, or by a bookkeeper.

Integrate Logikia AP automation solution to your systems or ERP comes to provide you all worried about errors and miss out opportunity, therefore, the company should not have intimal controls. A few reason for Logikia ap automation solutions are to:

  1. Prevent paying a duplicitous invoice.
  2. Prevent paying an inexact invoice.
  3. Prevent paying a vendor invoice twice.
  4. Be certain that all vendor invoices are accounted for.
  5. And more…

Thus, periodically companies missing Logikia AP automation solution, should seek professional assistance to improve its internal controls and has to be costly than using a simple and incorporate solution.

A poorly run accounts payable process can miss discounts for paying some suppliers invoices early. It may lead to some vendors demanding cash on delivery. If that happens, it could have extreme consequences for a cash-strapped company.

The accounts payable process must also be effective and precise in order for the company’s financial statements to be accurate and complete. Because of double-entry accounting an error of a vendor invoice will actually cause two accounts to report incorrect amounts.

In other words, without the accounts payable process being up-to-date, or using our Logikia AP automation solution and well run, the company’s management and other users of the financial statements will be receiving inaccurate feedback on the company’s performance and financial position.

More advantage about using the Logikia AP automation solution to the company is users can easily view and retrieve invoices, receipts, PO’s, contracts, email, and other document. All intervenient review and approve items when they are at the Logikia automation solution step in the process, managers can also view all work queues for the member of the company to manage and redirect the workflow with simple and immediate.

Logikia AP automation solution helps large medium-sized companies realize ROI as quickly as they see results from the use of the solution.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable people are in a key position to provide accurate predictions of the company’s cash flow requirements. However
effective cash management requires process control and real-time visibility of bonds. Shared service centers should provide competitive levels of service
up-to-date reports and data on high-quality invoices. LOGIKIA’s Accounts Payable Processing Solution enables a centralized
paperless and highly automated procurement process for businesses of all sizes.


  • Increase your profitability by more than 50%!
  • Eliminate manual entry
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Ensure early payment discounts
  • Eliminate late payment fees
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Bind and match invoices / delivery orders / purchase orders (2way / 3way match)
  • Automate coding to the general ledger
  • Facilitate approvals
  • Integrate invoices with the ERP
  • Archive documents and find them quickly
  • Allows employees to do value added task!


The challenge

Optimize human capital
A uniform document environment

The problem

High customization
Number of documents
Various systems

The solution

Automated processes
One central platform
Multilingual features

Logikia is a key solution for connecting, integrating and automating your data management process.

Logikia is your solution for information processing.

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