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Account Receivable Automation

Account Receivable

LOGIKIA is a cloud-based secure accounts receivable automation platform that connects to your existing ERP infrastructure, enabling you to maximize existing investments in technology and infrastructure. With the technology that makes employees and customers happy, you will quickly get the benefits of streamlining your account collection process, customer satisfaction and ultimately, you’ll be paid faster.


The beauty of our accounts receivable solution is that it reduces the amount of unallocated cash and open items that your department has on account. We automate the process of matching delivery information with customer invoices, allowing accounts receivable management to see efficiencies and customers benefiting from enhanced service.

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Automate the capture of checks

Automate payment notifications

Automate the production of deposit slips

Eliminate manual entry

To eliminate input errors

Reduce operating costs

To integrate information with the system and keep it up-to-date

Archive documents and find them quickly

To employ staff in tasks with added value



Optimize human capital
A uniform document environment

The problem

High customization
Number of documents
Various systems

The solution

Automated processes
One central platform
Multilingual features

Logikia is a key solution for connecting, integrating and automating your data management process.

Logikia is your solution for information processing.

Some ERP supported for our AR Automation Solution