Why you should automate your manual purchase order process

If you’re running a company focused on inventory, chances are you need to fill out purchase orders as a regular part of your workday. Manually creating purchase orders is a time-consuming process, ad any time-consuming process costs money and inevitably involves certain percentage mistakes, which also cost money. Implementing an automated purchase order solution and…

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Logikia AP automation solution

AP automation process: AP automation as it relates to invoice processing essentially means deploying a set of interrelated tools that work together to reorganise invoice processing. It typically includes the following: Document scanning / image conversion Optical Character Recognition Data validation – Extracted data Electronic Document Management Electronic Workflow System Integration – data release from…

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What you need to know about your data entry for Purchase order and Account Payable?

Payment approval Audits and compliance demand proper approval of payments, but many companies find their policies inconsistently enforced. Purchase Orders can go a long way toward promoting proper payment approvals, but there will always be occasions where a creating a PO is simply impractical. Historically, companies have relied on signature books or, more recently, printed email approvals…

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